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PEDESTALS with C-Profile

Pedestals with C-Profile from Weiss Raised floor systems

Also known as switchgear station floors, raised floor systems with C-profiles are used in rooms with electrical controlgear and switchgear, such as server rooms, control rooms and in areas requiring higher load carrying capacity.

The substructure comprises steel pedestals with height adjustment facility, which can be set to exactly the right height.

The substructure remains secure, even under heavy loads.

The transition from framework to walking area is on a level thanks to the connection of two different C-profiles.

This means that switchgear cabinets and other heavy items of equipment, such as transformers, UPS systems, battery cabinets and air conditioning units can be positioned on the C-profile framework directly.

This type of structure does not require any welding.

The bolted connection is permanently secured by means of hammer-head screws and it can be dismantled and used again several times without any detrimental effects on quality.

One of the major advantages of this type of construction is that it can be implemented quickly and the entire cross-section of the space under the switchgear cabinet is available for leading in cables.

Apart from this, the structure maintains its stability, even if the floor panels are open.

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