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Tradition, precision, innovation

Established in 1975

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH has been based in Satteldorf since 01 May 2020. We have been producing raised floor systems with Swabian precision and dedication for several decades.

The foundation stone was laid by Dieter Weiss in 1975.

Progressive technologization in the telecom sector has led to an increasing demand for standardized system floors. The Weiss company knew how to position itself in this segment from the very beginning and was able to serve the growing technical market and the demand for flexible interior fittings for office buildings.

Weiss has was established a reputation for high quality products over the years such as active panel.

The company was purchased by Terra Raumtechnik in 2010 within the framework of finding a successor when the company founder entered retirement.

This heralded the beginning of a breathtaking development in product design and development and the company was able to expand its markets to become a global supplier.

We now supply our products to customers in

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Far East

It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to the regulations of the state building codes and EN standards.

Regular audits by independent institutes and certification procedures for our products are also a matter of course.

In this way, we have been able to convince customers in Germany and abroad of the benefits that we offer in the past and supply them with premium quality raised floors.

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH has taken on a commitment to offer its customers everything associated with raised floors from a single source.

We also regard the company as being a partner to the skilled craftspeople who specialize in floor assembly and installation. Nevertheless, we are also happy to offer our services as a mediator for end customers and recommend one of our partners who is local to them.

Raised floors offer a particularly suitable means of ensuring that maximum flexibility is assured, not only in data centers and office buildings, but also in control rooms and tunnel supply systems.

State-of-the-art production technologies and ingenious logistics ensure that the increasingly complex needs of our customers are satisfied.

The development of new products in the air conditioning and room conditioning sector are also playing a very significant role in this respect. This is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important in an effort to provide an expanding range of services and meet the heat dissipation requirements.

To this end, new products are being launched onto the market, which use automation and innovation to offer a means of responding precisely to current demands and save energy in the process.

This not only leads to a fast ROI, but also helps to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions in data centers, for example. The result is a harmony between economy and ecology.

Whatever the requirements for your project, we would be happy to offer a solution or join forces with you to devise a new one.

Beläge WEISS GmbH
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