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Get an overview of our benefits


The benefits are you are no longer restricted by technical restrictions in design when you are using a system floors. So you can use the available space without restrictions to realize your ideas.

There are no more limits to your creativity. By combining various system floor components from Weiss, room concepts can be created homogeneously.

Almost all floor coverings can be applied to raised floor slabs at the factory.


Added value of buildings through system floor. Thanks the flexible double floor, redesigns of the area can be quickly implemented for different requirements and different users.


The benefits are the easy accessibility and simple solutions for technically complex installations.

The supply lines for electricity, air and data disappear through the raised floor. Technical rooms such as data centers or switchgears would no longer be conceivable without raised floors.


Great flexibility for designers, as the raised floor is suitable for creating creative possibilities. No disturbing cables on walls.

A wide variety of floor coverings allow individual flooring design. In combination with self-laying tiles a quick design change is also possible.


Quick completion of buildings due to dry construction of the system floor. No waiting time to dry the screed. Easy and fast installation. Easy learning of the staff to lay the floors.


Easy installation of cables. No under-plaster work necessary. No disturbing over plaster lines. Easier access than to the suspended ceiling.

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