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Everything you need to know about HydroLogic panels

Yes, it is a raised floor certified to DIN EN 12825 with 5 KN.

Yes, as long as it is a common raised-floor grid of 600 x 600 mm

Depending on your wishes, either the setpoint temperature in the cold aisle or the setpoint temperature in the warm aisle is controllable.

The fan is designed to suck the warm air into the raised floor. This happens regardless of whether it is installed in the cold aisle or the warm aisle. The air cycle is comparable to a climate chamber only without the long way to the end of the hall.

The device is maintenance-free.

With the HydroLogic V it is possible to drain the condensate. The HydroLogic Panel has no condensate management. Here, the temperature of the cooling water remains above the dew point, whereby no condensate management is necessary.

Yes, the system is compatible with all common variations.

No, but it can be integrated in the piping. However, strand control is recommended when installing multiple panels.

 Steel ventilation plates with a free cross section of 51% have to be installed.

The HydroLogic Panel weighs 35 kg, the HydroLogic V 70 kg.

A simple control for up to 4 different temperature ranges. For a higher quantity a PLC control is used.

It is primarily important to supplement one aisle at full capacity before the opposite aisle becomes filled.

Yes, it is the most efficient cooling method for air-cooled servers. Since the heat exchanger is placed in close proximity to the heat generator, time-consuming air transport is eliminated

In the V-Variation a DX is available.

With a Mollier H-X diagram.

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